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Sign Up for Parent- Teacher Conferences!  

Parent- Teacher Conferences

Select your child's grade level to access teacher sign-up. Click through the slides to find your child's homeroom teacher and the teachers that you MAY want to schedule a conference based on who your child see during the day. 

All conferences will be virtual.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  



Mrs. Dale
Mrs. Wollschlager
Ms. Anderson


1st Grade: 

Mr. Alton
Mrs. Lidtke
Mrs. Rahn

2nd Grade: 

Mrs. Prokop
Mrs. Iverson
Mrs. Klein

3rd Grade:

Ms. Pemble
Mr. Bolin
Ms. Sanft

4th Grade: 

Mr. Sumser
Mrs. Oslund
Mrs. Harre

5th grade:

Mrs. Lee
Ms. Fenske
Mr. Rosati